Meet the Partner

Meet Wayne Sinnett, the founder of Sinnet Law. A lawyer passionate about consumer rights, he’s a man of service, to both the country and its citizens.

After 9/11, Wayne enlisted in the Marines and served as an explosives technician. After his military service, Wayne went on to attend California State University San Marcos and earn a dual degree in Criminology and Sociology. After receiving his diplomas, he was offered an academic scholarship to California Western School of Law. There, he developed his strong interest for consumer protection law, which is all about representing and fighting for the rights of everyday people.

Ready to take action after graduating, he founded Sinnett Law. To this day, he heads the firm and oversees all aspects of litigation, from client intake to trial. Known for his straight forward and down-to-earth approach, Wayne is proud to have a firm that represents consumers, like you, who have been harmed by unfair business practices and does everything possible to use legal action to make it right.

Sinnett Law has taken on some of the largest companies in America and, most importantly, won. This is what he and the firm want to do for you – protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.