Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is the unauthorized use of someone else’s payment card to make purchases or access funds. This happens every day, often without the victim knowing for a while. The good news is you don’t have to go through it alone. We’re here to help no matter what the problems are.

How do I know if credit card fraud has happened to me?

If you have experienced any of these recently:

Then you might be a victim of credit card fraud.

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How We Can Help

If my credit has been affected because I’ve been a victim of credit card fraud, can you clean it up?

Yes, we can help you clean up your credit. Most of the time, we can erase almost all of the credit problems and possibly even get you money in damages after.

If you give us a call and let us know about your situation, we can tell you more about how we go about tackling credit card theft problems; the consultation is always FREE. Just ring us at (800) 711-4662.

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If you want answers or advice about credit card fraud, we’re happy to chat. If we find that you do have a case involving credit card fraud, there are straightforward ways we can clean your credit and often get you money in damages.

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Wayne has exceeded all expectation!

“My experience with Wayne and his law firm has been tremendous. His bright, quick response was much needed in some information on a consumer debt collection case. He took his time with the information given and made sure I understood what he was explaining. Wayne’s personality is unmatched. Customer service means a lot to me. I pride myself on that and Wayne has exceeded all expectation. I definitely would recommend his services. Thank you, Wayne.”

Patrion M.

Didn’t have a case but he still didn’t charge us!

“From start to finish we had a great experience with this Law Firm. Wayne was a very nice and smart Lawyer. His office was very clean and also kid friendly. We had 4 kids in his office for 3 hours and nothing was broken. Lol. Wayne was very knowledgable and asked for no money from us to fix our credit fraud statements! We didn’t have a case but he still didnt charge us anything for his time. Awesome Lawyer!”

Ted L.