Credit Card Lawsuit Defense – Defending Consumers Against Debt Collection Lawsuits

Has a credit card company, or someone representing one, contacted or sued you over credit card debt? If so, you’re in the right place.

Remember this: Even if you owe debt, you still have rights.

It doesn’t matter how big the credit card company is; they have to comply with unfair debt collection practices. By knowing your rights and getting legal help, you can protect yourself and settle the debt, probably saving money through settlement.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer For Credit Card Lawsuit Defense?

There are other important reasons to get legal help for credit card lawsuit defense. For example:
If you fail to respond to a lawsuit, debt collectors can seek “Default Judgement”, which lets them take extreme actions like garnish your wages.

Debt collectors may take unethical actions, like add on illegal interest and other fees. They are not allowed to do this!

What Are Common Violations or Illegal Actions Made by Debt Collectors?

There are unethical actions that may’ve been made against you, which you’re not even aware of. You can learn more about common violations, which would you confirm you have a legal case, here: What are Common Debt Collector Violations (according to the FDCPA)?

Have More Questions? Call for a FREE Consultation

We know how overwhelming being sued by a credit card company can be. It’s a stressful situation, but we’ve got a lot of experience. We want to use our legal help to lighten the burden for you.

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(Also, as our lawyers are usually paid out of the settlement, our clients almost never pay anything out of pocket!)