False Advertising

Have you ever bought a product that was mislabeled or advertised in a false way? Maybe you purchased something labeled organic, then found out it wasn’t. This is illegal and something we can help you tackle.

Why False Advertising Hurts More Than Just You

Purchasing products that are falsely advertised hurts you, of course. It also hurts other consumers and businesses that do things the right way, advertising their products honestly. You are doing the right thing by being a proactive consumer, trying to make sure a company is displaying products correctly and legally.

2 Main Types of False Advertising We Handle

  • Products that are mislabeled, such as being called organic or natural. People pay a premium for such labels, which may not even be accurate. It’s important to hold companies accountable for legal, ethical labeling.
  • Anything falsely labeled Made in the USA is illegal. According to California law, if something is labeled as “Made in the United States”, every single part of that food, product or good must have been made and produced in the USA. Companies can’t get parts from other countries, assemble them in the America and then label that product as being “Made in the USA”.

Have Questions? Have a Case? Call Us for a FREE Consultation

You, as a consumer, can make a difference and hold companies accountable. We’re happy to discuss your case and hold those companies accountable. So, if you’ve purchased a product you believed was falsely advertised, just give us a call at 619-752-0703 for a FREE consultation.

(And, if you’re worried about costs, it’s good to know that most of our clients don’t pay a dime out-of-pocket. Our lawyers are usually covered by the settlement, so you don’t have to worry about any legal fees!)