Identity Theft

Identity theft is often presented as a very dramatic, hard-to-solve problem in which social security information and other data is stolen from you. Smaller types of identity theft actually happen more often than people think, but, with good legal help, can definitely be taken care of.

How do I know if identity theft has happened to me?

Have you experienced any of these recently:

  • Had unauthorized purchases on a credit card (big or small)?
  • Had irregularities in credit reporting?
  • Received letters saying you’ve opened up an account(s) with someone, which you didn’t?
  • Anything else unusual with regards to credit cards, credit reporting, banking, etc.?

If you’ve experienced any of these irregularities, you’re in the right place, and it’s good you’re looking into legal help. These actions are indicative of identity theft.

If I’ve been a victim of identity theft, can my credit be cleaned up?

Anytime someone uses your identity to do something like make a purchase, that’s identify theft. But don’t worry if that’s happened to you, we’re very experienced in taking care of identity theft-related issues.

We can help you clean up your credit. Most of the time, we can wipe off most of the credit problems completely and even get money in damages after. You can learn more about how we go about tackling identity theft problems by giving us a call and telling us your situation; the first consultation is always FREE. Just ring us at 619-752-0703.

Someone made an account(s) in my name. Can you help with that?

Yes, we are almost always able to get rid of the account(s) that were made in your name through identity theft.

Debt collectors are pursuing me for debt I didn’t make; it was created by identity theft. What do I do?

There’s a provision regarding debt collectors who are pursuing you for an identity theft debt, which you do not owe. If you tell the debt collector it was identity theft making an authorized purchase and they continue to come after you, even after you gave them notice, you could be eligible for damages of up to $30,000. To learn more about unfair debt collection practices, check out our page: Unfair Debt Collection Practices: Suing Debt Collectors.

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If you want advice or answers on identity theft, we’re happy to chat. If you do have a case involving identity theft, there are straightforward ways we can clean your credit and often get you money in damages.

That being said, there really isn’t much reason NOT to talk to an attorney. Ask anymore questions you have or learn to get started by giving us a call at 619-752-0703 for your FREE consultation.